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awesome work in Sydney



It’s so gratifying to receive a surprise email

like the one below from one of my clients ….

Her headline read  “Awesome work in Sydney”


“Dear Linda – I am visiting Sydney….

and walked into the offices of Wellington Management…

to find a large koi painting by you in the reception area!

You are global!!!

My iphone image does not do your work justice!”


Wellington has seven of my paintings,  mostly koi,

plus a rain forest with parrots.

The above koi painting was in their corporate

office lobby here in Boston for many years.

I had no idea it had been moved to Australia!   🙂


look what just sold to Delta Airlines


koi paintings

oil on board


All eight 12×12 koi images purchased together

from my October 2017 show in Boston!

Am so happy they remained together as a series,  since that’s

how I had imaged them to be.

The series had been on display for awhile at Delta Airlines premier

lounge in Logan Airport,  Boston.

As the display came to a close,  they decided to keep them there!!!

Thank you Beth Urdang Gallery!

All was negotiated while I was on a trip out of the country.

And thank you internet!   🙂

back to the 70’s

To the Water

oil on canvas

36×12 inches

private collection


The above image is from a series of paintings done while I was a student for 6 weeks at the Skowhegan School in Maine during the summer of 1974.

Faceless people,  free form,   endless color.     I loved doing them!

Recently,  a client from Cambridge,  MA visited my studio and loved this idea too.     He also noted a watercolor I had hanging on my wall of musicians and dancers by Zygmund Jankowski.    He was drawn to the free-form playfulness of both approaches.

When I incorporated these ideas together,  including other romantic elements he wanted to include,  this is what evolved on the canvas,  41 years later 🙂


Beach Party

oil on canvas

32×48 inches

private collection

giclee story for elusive koi painting


Koi with Waterfall #5

48×60 inches

oil on canvas


About a month ago,  I was contacted through my website by a young woman who had seen this painting in the lobby of Lahey Hospital in Peabody,  MA.      She was hoping that I was the artist.    I was indeed the artist,  and delighted to learn that her family had been enjoying this painting for some time during her father’s  medical treatment at Lahey.

Shortly after that,  her Mother contacted me.    She had been trying to find me for four and a half years!    Her husband,  now deceased,  was also a painter and absolutely loved the painting.    Despite her inquiries at the Lahey,  no one knew anything about me,  or where to contact me.   They do now 🙂   Because my signature in the lower right corner was difficult to read (she thought it was Hoyt instead of Holt),  her daughter,  ever the sleuth,  googled koi painters.  Thankfully,  up popped my name!

Now that she found me (apparently many others had asked about the painting too 🙁   I quickly sorted through old slides that could be used for a giclee print.   Well,  this was one of those times that the painting slipped out the door without my having photographed it!     What to do??!!

My wonderful giclee printer got special permission to photograph the painting on site (with his own security guard) and made an absolutely gorgeous reproduction –  one fourth the size – 24×30 inches.     The client picked it up over the weekend and is thrilled with the result.    I was too!!   Here’s a temporary home for her new piece:


larger abstraction


This launches a new series of larger abstractions.

Pure paint.    Thick,  globby oil.

The best quality.      Purest color.

But I must say,   I stopped short of buying the $50 small tubes.


30×40 inches.

No title yet.    🙁



Commission work

Lots going on in the studio in many directions.

At the top of the list is a long term assignment designing a set of tarot cards.    Fortunately,  the wonderful woman I’m doing them for has been incredibly patient with my progress.   They’ve been both a challenge (small scale)  and  fun.    If all goes well,    we’re looking at the end of June for them to be done.

More dog portraits are also in the works.      I call them my “adopted pets”  since I no longer have my own dogs.     And I miss not having them!

And larger abstractions.   (30×40’s)

And the ever present koi.  (12×12’s)

Will post images of all of these as soon as I’m comfortable sharing what’s already “already in the works.”

faces and hands drawings I


Faces and Hands 1

My senior year at Skidmore included an independent study in drawing.

Beginnining with hands,  the series eventually evolved into hands with faces.

I’ve always loved this series,  and I really enjoyed the process of drawing them.

Some of the finished pieces became part of my senior thesis show.

More of this series images to follow soon.


new larger abstractions paintings



30×30 inches

oil on canvas



30×30 inches

oil on canvas


The color in these paintings  is more vivid,  and more subtle than

these images.   I know.      An oxymoron.

A reminder of the inevitable  limitations of paint to photography

color conversion choices.


Indoor shooting this time of year further complicates the process.

Those marvelous outdoor daylight photo shoots here in New

England are just around the corner with Spring.    yay!