new addition to the cape ann museum collection


Reflections,  Willows 3 (Coolidge Point,  Manchester,  MA)

54x 60 inches,   oil on canvas

with thanks to the kind assistance of  Cape Ann Museum staff who orchestrated the transport –

Thomas Skalski,  Security Supervisor (on the left)  Leon Ducette, Curatorial Assistant (on the right)


My donated painting on its way to the collection of the Cape Ann Museum in Gloucester,  MA.

Painted in 1997,  the painting also served as the invitation image for Reflections,  my first solo show in Massachusetts,  at Ingrid Swanson’s ARA Gallery that same year in Hamilton,  MA.

I’m delighted to have it available there for anyone who knows the area to enjoy.   (you can see the pond and the willows near the Great Lawn which became part of the Trustees of Reservations conservation property many years later.)

We lived on Coolidge Point for 6 years in the parsonage rented from the Episcopalian chapel on Smith’s Point.   I was inspired by the beauty of Coolidge Point then to do many paintings of the area.   I still walk it as often as possible because it never fails  to draw me in.


corgi dog portrait



20×20 inches

oil on canvas


My very last commission of 2016,  finished,  packed and shipped just

in time to find its place under the Christmas tree!     It’s in FedEx’s

good hands as of this afternoon.


This gorgeous tri-color corgi –  Winnie –   whom I met and had

an extensive photo shoot with her and her owner in Maine awhile

back (alas,  poor sweetheart now deceased) is en route to Florida as

a big surprise Xmas present for her husband.


I have had grown men cry when they see their beloved animals

memorialized in paint.     I get chills up and down my spine when I am

able to touch people’s hearts like that at their very core.


abstract painting commissions

My assignment was to blow up the

8×8 inch small abstractions into  a 23×23 inch

version of each.    The client just signed off on them

so both will now share a space in the same room

as the red/yellow/orange 30×30 inch abstraction shown in the

center panel.

Lots of splashy color!


koi painting in situ


In the lobby of the Seaport Hotel in Boston

is my two panel koi painting that was commissioned

in 2010  especially for this space.

It’s perched right behind the concierge desk.

Each panel is 36×54 inches oil on canvas which makes

for a very large 36×108 inch combined presence.

Many people have told me they have enjoyed discovering it there.

I love hearing that and visiting it myself whenever I can 🙂


small koi paintings

three12halfkoi2 threekoijuly threekoiaug2 threekoiaug

These four images complete the new series of 12×12 inch koi.     They were installed this week at the Beth Urdang Gallery in the SOWA district of Boston.

All placed together horizontally – which along with the other three  –  eight in total –  makes quite an impact as you enter her gallery.

Photos and link to my new exhibition will be included in the next posting.

I’m really proud of this show.  🙂

square koi painting 8

Square Koi 8

Oil on panel

24×24 inches


This is the second one of a three panel 24×24 inch painting series.

Actually the eighth if you count the earlier six.

Because I’m a serial painter.   😊

Finished it only this morning.

Lots going on in this particular one.

I probably could have worked on it forever.

But then,  it would have been an entirely

different painting.   I’d rather do another one.

Will do just that.   Starting today.