Two dogs in situ

I always love it when I can see where my work lands, in this case

a smaller gliclee reproduced from the very large original oil painting

“Two Dogs”.

(29×72 inches if I recall correctly.)

Thanks for sharing, Deb! 🙂

leaping into 21st century documentation

Big project nearing completion during this Covid isolation period.

Remember these slide carousels?! The slides in this carousel are

from my talk at Montserrat College of Art many years ago,

maybe in 1999…

All those piled in the boxes have since been tossed.

Some 600 images in all have been digitized by a wonderfully professional

service called Everpresent here in the Boston area.

Thank you Sally Seamans for the recommendation.

I chose the highest resolution option with descriptive labeling.

(Some of the slides had labels with descriptions typed on

a typewriter, then glued on with rubber cement. This was

pre-Sharpies and self adhesive labels. Dinosaur technology

all around!!)

So happy to have had this project behind me.

It had been on my to-do list far too long.

12 koi in Maine

12 Koi – oil on panel- 24 inches square

When I first posted this on social media a few years ago,

it was an instant hit.

I think people saw the joy I had while painting it.

Playlul – colorful – energetic.

Now it has landed on the wall of my good friend in Brunswick.

We recently re-connected after meeting during our college years at

Skidmore fifty years ago. (OMG)

(neither of us can recall how we met since she’s

a class behind mine, we lived in different dorms and had different majors) .

We could kick ourselves for waiting so long!

It’s such a treat when dear friends also become collectors 🙂

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koi with waterfall 9

Koi with Waterfall 9
40×30 inches
oil on canvas

This was a lovely surprise amid the Covid-19 virus swirling about.

The Beth Urdang Gallery in Boston just sold this painting.

Currently en route to its new home in California.

The client had visited Beth’s gallery in January.

Perhaps sheltering in place has made some of those bare walls



5 Koi 20

having fun with some new koi

one of the biggest challenges is editing the photographs for this blog.I seem

to have to choose between accurate red-orange-yellow warmth

over blue-green cooler colors.

Difficult choice at best.

It’s worse when I shoot the paintings in the studio as in the case with this


24×24 oil on canvas

this looks nothing like the actual painting!

The actual colors are sensuous orange and vermilions and subtle


But, this is the best I can do for now. 🙁

Portrait of Rip

Rip – oil on panel – 8×10 inches


Such a cutie pie!

My niece commissioned me to paint this sweet pup from photos she sent me

last December. She and her family had spent an amazing Thanksgiving at

her friend’s gorgeous farm in North Carolina . To thank him for his

generosity, she wanted to give him something special – Always a challenge

for someone who has everything. Enter me. I did the same for a family

who were our gracious hosts for Christmas dinner and vacation in Hong

Kong two years ago.

new business cards


These cards were in the works just before my travels in December.

Love ’em.

With a raised red signature, glossy, just as it appears on my paintings.

Five separate images on the back for variety and fun.

A mini portfolio.

Thank you MOO for your wonderful 40% off sale!