anatomy of a koi painting commission

It’s always a joy to work with a new client who has specific ideas about what they envision in a future painting  adorning their wall.  In this particular instance, it was the last piece of an elaborate puzzle in a complete renovation of a most charming beach home on Boston’s North Shore.  As a focal point in the living room/dining room area,  the painting would live right smack in the heart of the house.

Together we all arrived at a size  –  30×30 inches –  that would work best in the space.   A careful look at many details in my koi painting portfolio then led us to include a combination of  the following key elements:  craggy rock edge,  waterfall, background water lilies,  3-5 koi fish teeming in water.


It was a fun challenge to fit everything in.  I began with a simple sketch.  Once approved,  I had the green light to proceed with painting it.  I’m happy to say it was just completed on Friday.  All of us who have seen it – including me – are delighted with the results.