where’s my stuff (in situ) series

pair of koi beach sm waterlily

Just back from a week’s journey to Steamboat Springs,  Colorado to visit with my niece,  her husband,   two year old son,  and new baby sister.   Delightful visit.   While there,  I arranged to have an extensive photo shoot of aspen trees for one of my next series of paintings.    Love ’em.   Can’t get enough of ’em.    It’s a series I’ve longed to revisit after a number of years’ hiatus.

In keeping with a scavenger hunt for some of my work,   I re-discovered these four paintings.   The waterlily is tiny.   A gift for my niece’s sixteenth birthday or was it her high school graduation?  Forgot to ask her.     It made a sweet addition to the laundry room.

The double koi pieces adorn one of the guest bathroom walls.   These are early pieces circa 1990’s.

Lastly,  the largest one,  a 40×50 inch sunset, was inspired by a trip to the Caribbean (Aruba).  It found its way to a wall opposite my bed in the guest room.    Awaking with its warmth each day held me under the covers a bit longer before I ventured out into a crisp Fall morning.