9 koi and 10 koi diptych painting

koi diptych 15


I just finished the companion panel to the top one completed earlier this year.

One of my clients commissioned me to make a second one.    He just loved the first one.   The two panels were chosen to be given as a surprise wedding anniversary gift intended for his in-laws who live in California,  and vacation twice a year in Kauai, Hawaii ( shhhhh  –  they don’t know it yet,  it’s a year away 🙂  )

I tried to have as much fun making the second one as I did with the first,  keeping that freshness,  and allowing each painting to work off one another as a pair.   I like the view from above,  looking down on the active koi.

He was thrilled with the outcome  –  his comments were:   ” they look GREAT together.   You did a beautiful job of putting the two of them together. ” 

12×12 inches each,  oil on panel