magical magenta and big magic book


especially magenta!   As little girls,  my sister and I couldn’t pronounce magenta so we decided to rename it “pretty color.”    From that day on whenever we wanted to use that gorgeous hue,  we referred to it as “pretty color” –  the best of all colors in the box to us.   That was a significant elevation in status among 47 other colors in the very large package.   The phrase sticks even now.   More about this soon…… posting this just under the wire for March 🙂

magentapaint rose cardbigmagic

Me again,  it’s now May 14th.    Fun new magenta images of a rose card, tubes of my favorite color in oil paint,  and Elizabeth Gilbert’s wonderful book cover.    (Go out and buy her book asap,  no  –  run out,  and buy it – it’s fabulous!)

Back to magenta,  my childhood “pretty color.”    Other names for magenta –  shocking pink,  hot pink,  fuchsia.    All wonderful.   Wish I could wear it,  it’s not so good with my skin color.   I’ll just have to use it in my paintings!