two koi encore

2 Koi encore


2 Koi Encore

30×30 inches

oil on canvas

Two Koi Encore (top image) was just completed over the weekend.

I think it makes a rather nice companion piece to  Surging Koi

below it.

Surging Koi

30×30 inches

oil on canvas

two koi painting


“Two Koi”

12×12 inch

oil on panel

with detail inset


This “two koi” series has been a constant theme

for a number of years.   I always fancied myself

a serial painter.     I love to make paintings in a series

until an idea has been fully exhausted.    The idea has

not been exhausted yet for either the ‘two koi’ or any

other of the koi series.


It’s fine with me if it never happens.

I’m having far too much fun painting them! 🙂