giclee story for elusive koi painting


Koi with Waterfall #5

48×60 inches

oil on canvas


About a month ago,  I was contacted through my website by a young woman who had seen this painting in the lobby of Lahey Hospital in Peabody,  MA.      She was hoping that I was the artist.    I was indeed the artist,  and delighted to learn that her family had been enjoying this painting for some time during her father’s  medical treatment at Lahey.

Shortly after that,  her Mother contacted me.    She had been trying to find me for four and a half years!    Her husband,  now deceased,  was also a painter and absolutely loved the painting.    Despite her inquiries at the Lahey,  no one knew anything about me,  or where to contact me.   They do now 🙂   Because my signature in the lower right corner was difficult to read (she thought it was Hoyt instead of Holt),  her daughter,  ever the sleuth,  googled koi painters.  Thankfully,  up popped my name!

Now that she found me (apparently many others had asked about the painting too 🙁   I quickly sorted through old slides that could be used for a giclee print.   Well,  this was one of those times that the painting slipped out the door without my having photographed it!     What to do??!!

My wonderful giclee printer got special permission to photograph the painting on site (with his own security guard) and made an absolutely gorgeous reproduction –  one fourth the size – 24×30 inches.     The client picked it up over the weekend and is thrilled with the result.    I was too!!   Here’s a temporary home for her new piece: