pug dog portrait commission


“Jelly Bean”

oil on panel

12×9 inches



This portrait was a collaborative effort with the dog’s

owner to create a surprise gift for her husband in time for

Christmas.     He is crazy about his little female pug dog!


Earlier in the Fall,   she and I had done a photo shoot of Jelly Bean,

inside and outside their lovely home in Magnolia.      But,

as it turned out,  Jelly Bean was in no mood to be photographed

that day.     None of the two hundred images were worthy of

transferring into a painting.    The pug looked angry instead of

her natural soulfulness.


What to do?    Re-shoot?    We decided instead to use the

adorable iPhone candid shot that her daughter had taken of Jelly

Bean sometime earlier.    The photo was beautifully framed and

had been placed in a prominent spot in their bedroom.  We

agreed I should borrow the photo in its frame to use for the

painting. Thank goodness,  her husband never noticed it was missing.


What was the verdict Xmas morning?

He loved it!!!