Last koi of the year

5 Koi 21 30×30 inches oil on canvas

Last week I began work on a koi commission for a lovely new client in


She has an enormous koi pond – about an acre! – with 6 large koi in it.

And snapping turtles, bass and ……perhaps other unknown critters.

Anyway, the painting I started (above) was not the one she had envisioned.

So, I’ll begin another in January. I told her this is what I would do,

and happily so, because I need to make the painting she wants.

There’s plenty of creative flexibilty for me to exercise in the new version

because she’s a huge fan of my work. (Art major in college turned lawyer.)

That is so gratifying to know.

Most of the time I’m working in my own little isolated world of my studio

unaware of anyone who might be looking at my website

to see what I’m doing. 🙂