Beth Israel Koi

2nd floor

so fun to visit old paintings.

this was my first public collection purchase in 1992

four years after I began painting full-time

three years before Beth Urdang began to represent my work.

Beth Israel removed the plastic shields they had added

presumably for safety, and re-framed them.

they kindly added this descriptive tag

Next I’ll be on the lookout for a koi painting at Mass General

few people have seen

I have no photos of it ….

2 thoughts on “Beth Israel Koi”

  1. Linda, your koi paintings are gorgeous. I believe one of your large koi paintings is displayed on the wall of the Women’s Health Center. You capture the movement of the koi so well to the point of wherever I stand looking at the colorful canvas, I feel their slow paddling motion through the pond water. The next time I drive my mom to her Beth Israel appt , I will make sure I visit your koi display!

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