5 Koi 20

having fun with some new koi

one of the biggest challenges is editing the photographs for this blog.I seem

to have to choose between accurate red-orange-yellow warmth

over blue-green cooler colors.

Difficult choice at best.

It’s worse when I shoot the paintings in the studio as in the case with this


24×24 oil on canvas

this looks nothing like the actual painting!

The actual colors are sensuous orange and vermilions and subtle


But, this is the best I can do for now. 🙁

4 thoughts on “5 Koi 20”

  1. You are the master of koi. It just is so vibrant. You have mastery of pallet and composition. I love how you paint water; just exquisite .

    1. thank you Rob! I have been drawn to water ever since I can remember.
      Am still living and working near the water which lifts me up and fuels my soul every single day.

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