Seaport Koi

“Seaport Koi” oil on canvas 36×108 inches (2 panel 35×54 inches each)

Fidelity commissioned me to make this Koi diptych for their

Boston Seaport Hotel in 2010.

For many years it hung behind the check-in desk in the lobby.

Recently, it was moved to the Constitution Room where

the hotel hosts various special events.

When I visited yesterday there was a wedding in process

which explains the tables and random chair below the paintings.

It is always a pleasure to discover where my work ends up.

I had planned to do more of these visits until Covid prevented

access to public collections.

Stay tuned for more work photographed in situ 🙂

6 thoughts on “Seaport Koi”

    1. Only when I’m reminded by visiting family and friends who have seen at the hotel do I remember that it’s in their collection.
      Fidelity has a few more in their corporate office. They were big fans of my work early in my career 🙂
      Thanks, Dale!

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