surprises good and not so good

On February 2nd Groundhog day I tripped and fell on my right thumb.

It was a serious injury requiring surgical implantation of pins to

realign the bones to properly heal.

Fortunately the pins are working.

Seventeen days post surgery, I am out of the splint and into a

fiberglass cast until March 16th.

For my most recent meeting with the hand surgeon at Mass General

Brigham, I decided to ride the elevator to the 2nd floor instead of

taking the stairs.

This is what greeted me as the elevator doors opened:

My Lotus Pool Triptych. oil on canvas 30×36 inches each panel

While I knew it was in the Yawkey Wing,

I always wondered where it landed.

Fate led me to it šŸ™‚

4 thoughts on “surprises good and not so good”

  1. It was meant to be that the elevator ride would not only take you up the the floor to get your hand repaired, it also helped to brighten your day with a view of your own beautiful artistic creations.
    Glad you are on the path to a full recovery.

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