mostly yellow abstraction

Mostly Yellow 30×30 ins oil on canvas
omg, this image was soooo difficult to photograph. either I got the yellows or the oranges never both at the same time. The yellow is lighter and more vibrant than depicted here. A reminder of the extraordinary color range of oil paint over photography. This painting was inspired by the dreary gray weather we’ve had for several days here in Boston. Enough! Enter bright sunshiny color 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving!

abstractions on Nantucket

Medium Abstract Red Orange
Medium Abstract Turquoise Orange
Medium Abstract Commission

These three paintings just landed in a new home on Nantucket.

They hang vertically in this order I think (haven’t seen installation shot)

Each is 12 by 12 inches oil on canvas.

The bottom one was not the original I had designed for the series.

She commissioned me to prepare the third with colors she preferred.

Here is the original one created for the series:

Medium Abstract Burgundy Blue

blue orange abstraction

“Blue Orange Abstraction “

oil on canvas

36 inches square

One of many paintings currently underway.

It’s always interesting and fun to see what happens

when an 8×8 inch version is ‘blown up’ ….

to alter the sense of scale.

This one was a particular challenge –

hope that struggle is not evident in the finished image. (;

For me, painting is all about maintaining the integrity, freshness

of the process along with the sensuality of oil paint itself.

Bowl of Rocks 6 lands at Lasell Village

“Bowl of Rocks 6” (the last of the series) 48×60 inches

oil on canvas 2002 (as seen from my storage unit door en route to delivery)

Lasell Village is a senior living community located on the campus

of Lasell College in Newton, MA.

From the Village catalogue:

“Opened in 2000, Lasell Village marked many “firsts” both for the college and for senior living, with lifelong learning opportunities becoming a fundamental component of retirement. Residents agree to sustain their intellectual and physical well-being by participating in a wide range of group and individual activities, averaging nine hours a week (450 hours per year).

“The commitment to a personalized program of lifelong learning—which had begun as a requirement for residents—has become an expectation and a foundation for the close educational, governance and social connections that exist between Lasell Village and Lasell College. Both college students and Village residents benefit from interacting through shared courses, class modules, research projects, internships and mentoring—as well as in the community itself, where students often serve as wait staff, lifeguards, interns and volunteers.  In 2015, Lasell College’s commitment to intergenerational education was recognized with the designation “Age-Friendly University,” a distinction that exists to this day.”

Once the cafeteria renovation is complete, Bowl of Rocks will be installed in the cafeteria.

I’m thrilled to have this koi painting occupy such a prominent space for all the residents to enjoy.

Cascade in London

“Cascade” 40×30 inches oil on canvas

It’s always exciting to see where my koi paintings land in their new home.

This installation shot just came in from our lovely new client in Britain.

Her comments: “it’s a 1,000 times better than the postcard I have of it.

The colours are so vibrant and the fish so beautiful. I am hooked (ha, ha)!

First thing I see when I wake in the morning as it hangs on my bedroom


Soon, I’ll embark on another koi painting for her – a commission – for a

larger piece 30×70 inches. Can’t wait to get started on it!!

Beth Israel Koi

2nd floor

so fun to visit old paintings.

this was my first public collection purchase in 1992

four years after I began painting full-time

three years before Beth Urdang began to represent my work.

Beth Israel removed the plastic shields they had added

presumably for safety, and re-framed them.

they kindly added this descriptive tag

Next I’ll be on the lookout for a koi painting at Mass General

few people have seen

I have no photos of it ….

Surging Encore

Surge 19 40×30 inches oil on canvas

Since two 40×30 inch koi paintings just sold in a row, it was time to replenish my stock. This is a good start. Then I need to make more 8×8 abstractions for a summer show at the Beth Urdang Gallery in Boston. They make a wonderful grid. 12 in the works so far. Need to get as many done as possible before we begin traveling again starting in late May.

Ice in Hong Kong

“Silver Ice” oil on panel 12×9 inches

All ready to ship this portrait of Silver Ice to her owner in Hong Kong.

I never had the opportunity to meet this beautiful animal when I

visited Hong Kong for a few days over Xmas.

Fortunately her owner provided me with lots of photographs that gave me a

sense of the gentle elegance of this sweet dog.

Here is what the owner said after seeing the finished portrait image

via email last night:

“This is amazing… You did a really great job. I can’t express my gratitude

in words. In your painting Ice is so cute and beautiful.”

Ozzie and Lucas dog portrait

Here’s the better picture …. crummy one was deleted. Still need to tweak background stroke ‘ghosts.’

Not the best photo yet, nor is the painting quite finished, but in the interest of making my February blog deadline, here it is.

11×14 inches, oil on canvas.

These are the sweetist dogs, rescues both. My fellow artists and dear

friends are the owners. I was a bit nervous at the start because they are

both artists – RISDI grads- so I felt the need to really ‘up’ my game.

They are thrilled with the outcome. I’m really the one who’s thrilled.

Here’s what they said:

Per: Bow-WOW
I’m impressed with how you have captured the Boys’ likenesses!

THAT IS OZ !!!!!!!!!! you are the best !


Linda again : I think this is one of my best on many levels 🙂