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Elaine’s Koi

Elaine’s Koi
oil on canvas
30×30 inches

Just before leaving for Hawaii I was able to ship this commission to a

new client in Maryland.

She’s a big fan of my koi paintings and has a gorgeous koi pond of

her own.

This particular piece is a variation of a much larger one I had made

in 1988 titled, “Koi School 11,” 54 inches square.

It was her favorite.

There were two enormous koi ponds at both ends of our hotel in Lanai.

I took a bunch of photos at different times throughout the day.

The staff kindly provided fish food that I used to lure them into a

roiling water frenzy. (Another favorite motif of mine.)

Still digesting all the images before I leap back into painting them again.

The koi that got away….

Reversible Koi

Oil on canvas

Both views from poor quality photo
(the only documentation)

It’s unusual for me to let a painting go without having good documentation

of it first – a slide, 4×5 transparency, or more recently a good photo.

Unfortunately in this case, none of that happened.

It was sold. To Mass General in Boston.

And apparently resides at one of the nurses’ stations in OB-GYN.

I had hoped to track it down – there are many locations where it

could be – but that was before all the Covid restrictions.

Oh well. Someday.

The title is “Reversible Koi” because it is just that, meant to be

hung either way. Hence, I signed it along the left edge.

I don’t remember the dimensions.