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Paris and Corsica

Monet – Mitchell Retrospective

Fondation Louis Vuitton

8 Avenue du Mahatma Gandhi

Bois de Boulogne

So many years ago I lived in La Celle St Cloud

down the street from Giverny France for 2 years.

At the time no one had told me about Giverny.

So I never visited it.

Almost 60 years later on October 29th, I was experiencing this

amazing juxtaposition of two prolific artists and

their impressions of Parisien environs.

That’s all we had time to fit into our whirlwind tour.

Our real journey was to an international conference in Corsica.

I met many new friends mostly from Belgium.

Attendees also came from Australia, Britain, Germany and


The conversation was robust and the food interesting.

It was off-season in Corsica which made fish more scarce.

And it was a challenge getting there changing airports from

Charles de Gaulle to Orly. An hour’s ride apart!