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Abstractions collection


NUMBERS 1, 136, 144, 131, 157





My favorite kind of

phone call from Beth Urdang Gallery:

A young couple just purchased 6 of my abstractions series.

So exciting to view the grouping together.

As I paint them, never can I imagine how or where they’ll end up.

But when I learn about multiple purchases like this one, it is so gratifying

to have someone this captivated by what I’m doing, or trying to do.

And of all the hundreds of 8×8 abstractions, my first (#1) just sold.



How cute is this little Doxie dog?!

8×10 inches

oil on board

I’ve had this commission for awhile. Finally got down to finishing it.

It’s so much better in person.

Colors were a challenge to duplicate digitally.

I’ll take it with me on our trip to Colorado in April.

The owner lives in Steamboat Springs but I think she wanted it as a gift for her friend.

Had my second Covid vaccine jab yesterday.

Arm sore despite icing, and a little fatigued today.

Otherwise all okay.

Ready to travel and eat in restaurants again!

New and older koi art

New and old koi in progress.

I’m revisiting the one on the far left.

Painted in 2002!

wow. hard to believe I’ve been painting koi

that long.

The two on the right – 12×12 each – are new.

Complex images with hyper pigmentation.

I’m leaning more towards the simplicity and

narrower palette on the left one – 16×16 inches,

entitled “ Red, White and Blue.”

I love it when juxtaposed with my art pal Ana’s

lovely mostly red painting above.

leaping into 21st century documentation

Big project nearing completion during this Covid isolation period.

Remember these slide carousels?! The slides in this carousel are

from my talk at Montserrat College of Art many years ago,

maybe in 1999…

All those piled in the boxes have since been tossed.

Some 600 images in all have been digitized by a wonderfully professional

service called Everpresent here in the Boston area.

Thank you Sally Seamans for the recommendation.

I chose the highest resolution option with descriptive labeling.

(Some of the slides had labels with descriptions typed on

a typewriter, then glued on with rubber cement. This was

pre-Sharpies and self adhesive labels. Dinosaur technology

all around!!)

So happy to have had this project behind me.

It had been on my to-do list far too long.

5 Koi 20

having fun with some new koi

one of the biggest challenges is editing the photographs for this blog.I seem

to have to choose between accurate red-orange-yellow warmth

over blue-green cooler colors.

Difficult choice at best.

It’s worse when I shoot the paintings in the studio as in the case with this


24×24 oil on canvas

this looks nothing like the actual painting!

The actual colors are sensuous orange and vermilions and subtle


But, this is the best I can do for now. 🙁