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Japanese musings

The train station in Kyoto

Awaiting JR Isetan to open in the train station

Kimonos for sale at JR Isetan Department Store

Zen Garden Imperial Palace Kyoto

Water abstraction at the Kyoto Aquarium

Matcha Green Tea ice cream

A few highlights of our trip.

We loved everything about Japan.

It was so clean, neat and orderly.

The people were lovely, friendly and kind.

Most of our time was spent in Kyoto with

a couple of days in Osaka which gave us more

of the big city experience without needing to

travel to Tokyo. We can’t wait to go back!

Coronations and other milestones

( Passport photo. I’m on the right with open mouth.)

My family lived in England from 1952 to 1955.

In 1953,, my parents attended Queen Elizabeth’s coronation.

We still have a lot of the souvenirs, most of which are with

my niece in Colorado. Among the collection is a replica of the

golden carriage. It’s really lovely.

I was only 5 years old at the time and had a British accent!

Alas that lovely accent is long gone…

(Belt from the Coronation)

On June 12th, I’ll be traveling to Japan.

Finally, after all these years, I’ll see Japanese carp

in Kyoto. Six glorious days there 🙂

Some Yellow abstraction version 2

“Some Yellow” 30×30 inches oil on canvas

Unfortunately I don’t have a good image of version 2 but it’s pretty darn

close to the original above.

This commission was completed after falling on and badly dislocating my

right thumb. It had been begun a couple of days earlier, but, because I

used oil paint – comme d’habitude – I needed to complete it during that

narrow time frame of drying without any problems (adherence, cracking,


In this case, since I was bandaged and awaiting surgery, I finished

painting it with my left hand.

Happy to report that the client is now the contented new owner.

Happy ending all around.

Yay. 🙂

surprises good and not so good

On February 2nd Groundhog day I tripped and fell on my right thumb.

It was a serious injury requiring surgical implantation of pins to

realign the bones to properly heal.

Fortunately the pins are working.

Seventeen days post surgery, I am out of the splint and into a

fiberglass cast until March 16th.

For my most recent meeting with the hand surgeon at Mass General

Brigham, I decided to ride the elevator to the 2nd floor instead of

taking the stairs.

This is what greeted me as the elevator doors opened:

My Lotus Pool Triptych. oil on canvas 30×36 inches each panel

While I knew it was in the Yawkey Wing,

I always wondered where it landed.

Fate led me to it 🙂

Hear hear Carmen

Every painting has been a fight between the painting and me.

I tend to win.

But you know how many paintings I threw in the garbage?

Carmen Herrera


Born 1915

In preparation for my next solo show opening April 2023

(all koi paintings this go-round)

I’ve had a lot of wins – paintings that I like and love.

While a few that did not make my heart sing

were summarily tossed.

You said it best Carmen Herrera.

That’s what the creative process is all about.

Achieve the highest of standards before putting it out into the world.

Seaport Koi

“Seaport Koi” oil on canvas 36×108 inches (2 panel 35×54 inches each)

Fidelity commissioned me to make this Koi diptych for their

Boston Seaport Hotel in 2010.

For many years it hung behind the check-in desk in the lobby.

Recently, it was moved to the Constitution Room where

the hotel hosts various special events.

When I visited yesterday there was a wedding in process

which explains the tables and random chair below the paintings.

It is always a pleasure to discover where my work ends up.

I had planned to do more of these visits until Covid prevented

access to public collections.

Stay tuned for more work photographed in situ 🙂

Koi Diptych

Koi Diptych 22, 24×36 inches each panel, oil on canvas

Making this koi painting was utter joy.

Instead of listening to music or NPR (with the exception ofTerri Gross’s Fresh Air interviews.)

I’ve begun listening to books on CD while painting.

For some reason listening to them never seems to interfere with the process.

And, I can catch up on my every burgeoning “to read” list 🙂

wall of color

Eighteen 8×8 inch oil on canvas paintings, Small Abstraction Series, 2022

New purchase for a client in the Wellesley area.

She has a large home with huge walls and oodles of light.

An artist’s dream.

I love it when multiples of my work end up together.

The hanging possibilities are endless and adaptable to the whimsy

of the day.

Beth Urdang and I have been doing large installations of small

paintings ever since my “Little Series” of koi paintings in 1999.

It packs a powerful punch.

I’m still getting inquiries about the eight 12×12 inch koi

paintings on the Delta Premier Lounge wall at Logan Airport, Boston.

Stay tuned for more about that.

Marching to Hawaii

3 Koi
24×24 inches
oil on canvas

It’s happening.

Another return to Hawaii – my third – where I first saw the

koi swimming among lagoons in the lobby of a hotel in Maui in 1986.

I knew then that’s what I wanted to paint when I returned to the studio

after 10 years in business.

And I did exactly that.

Began painting koi in 1988.

Hard to believe that I’m still intrigued by them so many years later.

This trip we’ll venture to Lanai, a quieter island

for some much needed R&R in warmer weather.

Two glorious weeks April 5 to the 19th 🙂