more small abstractions

sm abst #71 sm abs #68 8x8 three 8x8 one 8x8 four 8x8 five

And,  drum roll,  here they are!

The words are here,  but,  alas,  we have to await the download of any images.    Please hang in there!    The website decided to become a bit snarky for no apparent reason.   In the meantime,  my incredibly capable web-hosting team is trying to figure out what’s going on.     To add to the mix,   the  camera battery in my Canon EOS Rebel (well worth the ad plug) decided to die on me before I was able to shoot the final three pieces for this posting.    And so it goes…..

Meanwhile,   this is my final posting of the year.   A lot of my concentration this year has been focused on developing this series of small (8×8 inch) abstractions with the goal of completing 100 of them.   I’m getting pretty darn close to achieving that number –  I’d say just shy of 20 or so at this point.   Not bad.    Most of them can be viewed at the Beth Urdang Gallery in her new location in SoWa,  Boston.     I was there last weekend.   It’s quite the happening location,  particularly for art.