two koi june panel 2


2 koi June 2

30×40 inches

oil on canvas

This  second panel was just completed over the weekend.   I was in a hurry to get it started and finished despite my still lingering cold/allergy energy drain.

Last week was spent in southern California where I was able to squeak in some museum visits sandwiched between a pretty hectic schedule  – the Los Angeles County Museum of Art before it gets replaced by a brand new building in 2017,   the amazing Norton Collection on loan to Rand Corporation in Santa Monica,  and the Hammer Museum in Westwood near UCLA.    When I’m not busy in my studio this provides my ever so precious art fix.  🙂

I hit the ground running once we landed in Logan Tuesday night. That landing was difficult for my head congestion.    I get why children scream when their ears are clogged on a plane ride!   It was pretty painful.

After visiting the doc the following morning to verify that I was battling something less chronic than pneumonia,  I began popping those Clariton-Ds.    Finally,  coughing became a bit more contained.  And I was able to sleep through the night  –  almost.

There’s one more panel to do in this series by the end of the month.    (I’m on a roll). This week I’ll do the prep work for it (i.e.draw it out),  but begin an entirely different genre painting image for fun and variety.

As a reminder I leave you with the previous image in the series hung moments ago on my living room wall.


two koi june

Two Koi June nth

Two Koi

oil on canvas

30×40 inches


This image was a lot of fun to paint this week.     Even though I

was battling a cold,  I still slogged through it.     I was able to keep my

wits about me to stop working  when there was just enough

information there without overworking it.


A constant theme in my approach to painting is not overworking

paintings.   Freshness is everything to me!


Children instinctively know when to stop.   I’m convinced that’s one

of the reasons their art work is so wonderful and pure.