Ice in Hong Kong

“Silver Ice” oil on panel 12×9 inches

All ready to ship this portrait of Silver Ice to her owner in Hong Kong.

I never had the opportunity to meet this beautiful animal when I

visited Hong Kong for a few days over Xmas.

Fortunately her owner provided me with lots of photographs that gave me a

sense of the gentle elegance of this sweet dog.

Here is what the owner said after seeing the finished portrait image

via email last night:

“This is amazing… You did a really great job. I can’t express my gratitude

in words. In your painting Ice is so cute and beautiful.”

10 thoughts on “Ice in Hong Kong”

  1. You have captured the soul of this pooch. You have to be the premier painter of pooches!! How’s that for alliteration! No it is true. You are fine tuning your craft. You are truly gifted. No one on this planet paints like you.

    1. Wow, thank you Rob! Whenever I face an empty canvas
      with my confidence dwindling,
      all I have to do is think of your encouraging words
      to get me going again πŸ™‚

  2. All your dog portraits are just stunning. Being a former dog owner, you know all the little nuances and details. I can’t wait for the day when you paint my sweet French Bulldog, Ivy. I know it will be a masterpiece!
    Lady Deborah Gilbert

  3. The texture of Silver Ice’s fur cannot be more real other than the true presence of Ice. Ice’s portrait creates perpetual motion and an everlasting expression of peaceful happiness which his owner and admirers can enjoy for years to come. Another awesome work of art Linda!

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