From the Archive: Birds and Rainforests

Newly digitized transparencies from some earlier oil paintings.

Both are 44×64 inches.

The one on the left was first in this series of six bird paintings.

I showed it to Wellington Management in their garage when I was making

a delivery. They purchased it right on the spot out of the back of my

GM Suburban – a fun surprise.

I often wish I still had that car/truck. It was a hauler’s dream for

paintings as large as 4 x 8 feet.

The one on the right was purchased by one of the partners at Wellington

for his private collection in Boston.

6 thoughts on “From the Archive: Birds and Rainforests”

  1. I love these works!

    I also loved the Suburbans I had for years, though they didn’t begin to have the style and beauty of your art. Useful, nonetheless.

    1. I’d forgotten about them until I had my slides digitized. Memory lane 🙂 I believe Steven Paine may have purchased the first one for his private collection.

  2. I was blind sighted by these works! I never saw these before. Could this be the De Grun Papagei of your work? This is your green period. I love your colors and I always have. You are a master of colors and composition. Your composition remind s me of Der Blaue Reiter not colors. Linda you are a master bar none. You are unique unto the planet. Yes you are an original!

    1. oh my goodness, you’re making me blush.
      thank you so much for your vote of confidence Rob.
      all I’ve ever aspired to be is the best version of myself.
      I’m still working on that 🙂

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