newfoundland dog portrait, tryptych

Nick,  24×36 inches,  oil on panel

Nick and Nora,  24×36 inches,  oil on panel

Nora,  24×36 inches,  oil on panel


Unfortunately,  I never had the opportunity to meet these lovely dogs.    This series was commissioned by a fellow Penn alum (Penn pal) after their respective deaths.    We used a variety of photos,  and pool images to improvise a composition for this lively trio.     When I finished the painting,  the pool house for which it was designed was still under construction.    Now they hang and can be viewed just before swimmers enter their pool in West Chester,  Pennsylvania.

2 thoughts on “newfoundland dog portrait, tryptych”

  1. Stunning. Beautiful. All panels show the dogs’ love of playing in the water, and the center panel makes clear their happiness at being together.

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