“bongos” (abstractions series)

Bongosbongos study

Bongos,  30×30 inches,  oil on canvas                                 Bongos,  8×8 inches,  oil on canvas

Dual variations on a theme.   I like the tropical feeling and blazing hot colors of these two abstractions.

When I began painting this series of abstractions,  the images were often inspired & drawn from the intuitive,  joyful happenings on my palette during the painting process.   I then decided to translate that juicy painting process directly onto the canvas instead of leaving it on my glass palette.  Unusual color combinations,  strokes and playful ‘accidents’ happened,  adding great flavor and spice to the mix.

Some lucky collector purchased 5  of the abstractions series today from the Beth Urdang Gallery in Wellesley.     This happened,  mere days away from my September (2nd-26th) show of koi and abstractions paintings at her gallery. The Bongos painting/s above will be included in the show.    For more info’ & images,  click on this link  http://www.bethurdanggallery.com/exhibitions/current/

6 thoughts on ““bongos” (abstractions series)”

  1. I love those colors too.

    Very different sizes, posted this way. It would be hard to guess
    which one is the larger painting and which is smaller, at least as seen
    on my computer screen.

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