blue orange abstraction

“Blue Orange Abstraction “

oil on canvas

36 inches square

One of many paintings currently underway.

It’s always interesting and fun to see what happens

when an 8×8 inch version is ‘blown up’ ….

to alter the sense of scale.

This one was a particular challenge –

hope that struggle is not evident in the finished image. (;

For me, painting is all about maintaining the integrity, freshness

of the process along with the sensuality of oil paint itself.

4 thoughts on “blue orange abstraction”

  1. You hit a homerun out of the park with this piece. I love the human scale. This piece is one of the best abstract work I have seen in a long time. It is as if one could put ones hand behind the orange poles and pull them forward. Same with white poles…the blues pop in and out creating vibration. The green seems to recede and interweave in this work. This painting is “alive”.
    This is not a “pretty” picture. This is great art and it shows. I t is a Holt painting all the way. You have a unique style like no other. This is a gem!

    1. Oh my goodness Robert, thank you for taking the time to look so carefully at this image.
      This one is indeed ‘alive’.
      That energy made it difficult for me at times to harness while working on it.
      I appreciate all of your comments.
      Once again, they inspire me to keep ‘at it’ in the studio.

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