abstractions on Nantucket

Medium Abstract Red Orange
Medium Abstract Turquoise Orange
Medium Abstract Commission

These three paintings just landed in a new home on Nantucket.

They hang vertically in this order I think (haven’t seen installation shot)

Each is 12 by 12 inches oil on canvas.

The bottom one was not the original I had designed for the series.

She commissioned me to prepare the third with colors she preferred.

Here is the original one created for the series:

Medium Abstract Burgundy Blue

6 thoughts on “abstractions on Nantucket”

  1. Linda, I love your work and am trying to reach you. I own a commercial art company in Canton MA. We have been in operation over 40 years and we work with hundreds of artists throughout the country.

    I would really like to use some of your works in a hospital I am doing. Could you call me or give me a number I can call you to talk about working together? Thank you! Anne Strickland . CEO Great American Art . 781-341-2900

  2. Damn, I wish I could see these gems in person. There is a panache at work here. Yes a theme as well… a push/pull effect… That is colors popping in and out…ying/yang… Linda you pack such a punch in your squares! And the luminosity!!!

    1. I wish you could see them in person as well, Robert! The push/pull is a constant in all my work. The luminosity is due in large part to my use of the best quality paint on the market.

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