New and older koi art

New and old koi in progress.

I’m revisiting the one on the far left.

Painted in 2002!

wow. hard to believe I’ve been painting koi

that long.

The two on the right – 12×12 each – are new.

Complex images with hyper pigmentation.

I’m leaning more towards the simplicity and

narrower palette on the left one – 16×16 inches,

entitled “ Red, White and Blue.”

I love it when juxtaposed with my art pal Ana’s

lovely mostly red painting above.

6 thoughts on “New and older koi art”

  1. I love the koi series as none of them are the same. There is a timelessness about them .They have a Zenlike serenity about them. They are eye candy. and don’t forget the pallet. Linda has the greatest pallet in the business bar none. The koi series are her unique brand.. The koi series are so unique unto the planet.

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